(Still) Turning Revolution Into Money - 2018

by The Fallout

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... originally released in 2004 as Turning Revolution Into Money (and long out of print), this 2018 version has been completely re-mixed, re-mastered and (slightly) re-named ...

... here's a few reviews from 2004 ...

The Fallout – Turning Revolution Into Money

The first three tracks display some awesome range: first wave punk, singalong street punk, and speed punk. I’m not sure which I prefer, and they manage to pull them off pretty well. “In This Land” starts the CD with an introduction to the band: “we arrived in a Chevy van just another punk rock band… and we wrote some songs about protecting rights.” I don’t know what “The Tin Canners” is about, but I feel like singing along to it. You need the lyric sheet to keep up with “Quebec City”, but that 80s hardcore sound makes it so worth it. The lyrics are most interesting when they’re rebelling against the police state (“Quebec City”) or the corporate status quo (“Another Way”) or reiterating that D.O.A. maxim of “talk – action = 0″ in “Talkin’ Punk Rock Civil War.” They even lift a Woody Guthrie quote! They bust quickly through “Praise the Lord – Pass the Ammunition”, deal with their “Anger Management” and sing one for the kids who’re pursuing their art and wind up being “The Great Disappoinment” of the family. The 14 songs average about 2 minutes, including a solid cover of The Jam’s “This is the Modern World.” This is the Toronto trio’s 3rd (according to the press release) or 4th (according to the website) CD, again offering some good serious insight into the world from a broke-ass punk-kid point-of-view. Hey, someone’s gotta stir up shit while the rest of us are getting McJobs and watching TV. My vote’s for these guys. (Mote Music)

The Fallout – Turning Revolution Into Money

Great driving melodic punk with a left leaning message. This is one of Toronto’s newest and brightest talents, featuring Jeremy the guy behind the Anti-Warped tour shows. The FALLOUT remind me of the CLASS ASSASSINS with a healthy dose of the CLASH and INFA RIOT thrown into the guitar work. As for the vocals they remind me of Frankie Stubbs meets AGENT ORANGE, which translates to an odd mix that is a snotty style that has a hoarse delivery. As for the ideology, the FALLOUT are talking about important things like the erosion of civil liberties in “Quebec City” to scene violence in “Macho Duck”. The lyrics seem to be inspired by bands like the ANGELIC UPSTARTS and DOA. The FALLOUT are kind of like something between MARILYN’s VITAMINS and the CLASS ASSASSINS however there is loads of group back ups that will have you singing along as if it were the CLASH’s “I’m So Bored”. This is fuckin’ great, especially for a debut release. (Equalizing X Distort)

The Fallout – Turning Revolution Into Money

The FALLOUT play tight, upbeat melodic punk with heaps of hooks and attitude. STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, FORGOTTEN REBELS, MORAL CRUX and the BODIES all spring to mind on the first track alone. THE FORGOTTEN REBELS comparison sticks all the way through this (though I can’t imagine the REBELS putting WOODY GUTHRIE-type union folk samples in their records) not surprisingly since they’re Canadian, though these cats have better lyrics and hopefully won’t go all glam an shit. This is great catchy snotty punk, it’s not forumlaic – their own personality shines through, and the guy’s got a great (punk) voice. They even do a version of (and I’m not even sure they’ve heard of IMPATIENT YOUTH) “Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition” and finish the whole thing off with, as a hidden track, an impeccable cover of the JAM’s (this is) The Modern World with the great line “I don’t give two fucks about your review!” Brilliant! (AD)

(recomended pick) Fallout, The - Turning Revolution Into Money, CD

It's always a pleasure to hear a great band that's been around for awhile that I've previously overlooked. This is the third full-length for Toronto's The Fallout, and it's one of the most kick-ass-old-school punk albums I've heard in ages. Reminiscent of bands such as Stiff Little Fingers or The Clash, but renewed to excise the dated elements and follies of some of those bands. The Fallout play earnest punk the old-fashioned way. While musically the band at times reminds me of The Spits, there's a surprising seriousness to the band's lyrics (mixing politics and diatribes about the punk scene), despite their fun, upbeat musical stylings. (AE) PUNK PLANET Iss. #64 Nov./Dec. 2004


released May 1, 2018

The Fallout / Red Menace Records / Rebel Time Records


all rights reserved



The Fallout Toronto, Ontario

straight-up, stripped down political punk with backbone and backbeat

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Track Name: In This Land
we arrived in a Chevy van
just another punk rock band
driving around from place to place
to meet you here face to face
when you look to express your rage
you know that we're on the same page
now its time to kick off a brand new age

we know there's something wrong in this land
everyone, everywhere take a stand
somewhere, someone needs a helping hand
we'll be there to lend it if we can
yeah, we'll be there to lend it if we can

just like us you want to figure out
the pain and injustice all about
we picked up our guitars
and we wrote some songs
about protecting rights
and correcting all the wrongs
if we look a little tired
hey, we're all right
we worked all day and drove all night
just so we could make this gig tonight
Track Name: Tin Canners
you can steal our right to vote
you can steal all of our hope
but we'll be dead before you steal our dignity
we may run out of food to eat
we may have nowhere to sleep but we're only getting stronger

cause we're the tin
tin canners

I fought for you and I spilled my blood
I crawled across France covered in mud
and when I came back alive I thought you'd take care of me
but then the system crashed and you stuck me in this camp
where every night I'm cold and damp
well try as you might, you can't ignore me

and so we're off to Ottawa for a little bit of what they got
for a living wage and security I won't live in poverty
set me free
Track Name: Quebec City
police state

police state on the street today
fenced in old Quebec City
trying to keep civil society on the outside

while singing we shall not be moved
Peoples' Summit was here to prove
we must choose human rights over investor rights

through clouds of gas I heard the cries
plastic bullets began to fly
i have seen state sponsored crime

this ain't about democracy
it's corporate autocracy
that's out of touch and running out of time

police state
Track Name: Annoy Me
you annoy me and maybe you just don't know it
you try your point on me but I think you're gonna blow it
you're trying to mess with me, every way that you might
but I'll win this time, I'm not losing this fight

annoying - every little thing you do
annoying - just by being you
and if you don't stop
i'm gonna have to drop
this little hint on you
now it's my turn to start annoying you
said, I'm gonna have to start annoying you

you annoy me and I want you off of my mind
you try and whine but this time I'll hold my line
you're trying to be smart but you just can't play the part
i'll keep my space and to your lies I'll turn my face
Track Name: Another Way
Day by Day
they try to break your body and take your mind
There's another way
Stand in union, we'll be just fine

They'll try to take your life, try to take your cash
but history teaches every systems must crash
you work so hard to try and make a cent
but everything you try just doesn't make a dent

You get just enough to keep your mind closed
to prevent the truth from being exposed
No one should vanish without a trace
so get off your ass and get out of this place

The time has come to claim our space
To make our mark and there won't be no disgrace
Workers of the world there'll be no mistake
when brothers and sisters are united today
Track Name: Macho Duck
see the idiot in the middle of the pit swinging his fists through the air
he's a jackass he's got no class but he doesn't seem to care
he's an obnoxious jock with a pencil for a cock and a pea for a brain
it's not a wrestling match, it's a show but the catch is to him it's all the

macho, macho man
don't really wanna be like you
macho macho man
doesn't really have a clue
What an asshole!

he's such a prick, he's hitting on the chicks, how can they resist him?
if she says no and she doesn't want to go then she must be a lesbian
at home he says "pop, I wanna be a cop" then he'll really kick some ass
walking the beat on the city streets hired thug for the upper class

macho macho man don't wanna be like you
macho macho man doesn't really have a clue
what an asshole!
Track Name: Talkin' Punk Rock Civil War
please don't get excited cause I'm not keeping score
of the chances you've blown and opportunities ignored
to help the ones you love and say you care for
while you talk righteously all about it

and it ain't getting better in fact it's getting worse
poor are getting poorer the meek inheriting the earth
while here in the America's we're still giving birth
to the notion we're all created equal

now I don't think you understand what you're fighting for
our music, poetry and politics don't lead to a cure
We need more than talkin'' punk rock civil war

please don't take me wrong, don't get pissed off
but the injustice and violence that you think you can stop
continues everyday as we sing our protest songs

talk without action produces no results
self-gratifying lifestyles removing any doubt
the chimes of freedom have long wrung out
in a world where direct action counts
Track Name: Gateway 30
gateway 30 have been set free
give them back their dignity
bring them back now
let them feed their families

canadian worker ready to struggle
everyday putting food on table
but not prepared to fight against
losing their jobs under false pretense

big record company losing lots of money
blaming postal workers, well it isn't funny
there's no proof they can manifest
just false accusations of petty theft

gateway 30

did you see them on the news at 10
paraded in front of gateway Penn

criminal court said there wasn't a crime
outlaw employer is biding its' time
no compensation or apology offered
while innocent families continue to suffer
Track Name: PTL- Pass The Ammunition
praise the Lord - pass the Ammunition
praise the Lord - pass the Ammunition
god is on our side

battling over books
soldiering over souls
onward christian solder with your sword and cross
putting the fear of god
into the heathen flesh
blood easily washes off the christian hands

praise the Lord - pass the Ammunition
praise the Lord - pass the Ammunition
god is on our side

thrown into the fire
promise us all salvation
from the mass of murderous interpretation
never forget the golden rule
the man with the gold is making the rules
Track Name: End Of The Line
the one - who always works the hardest
the one - whose always paid the least
the one - who speaks the fondest
the same one you can trust the least
we pick - biggest and the strongest
we think - who gives a damn for the weak?
we see - what benefits the fewest
only thing week after week

once you think that history is done
as good as it gets and you've finally won
now you think this is the end of time, well
you've just reached the end of the line

they ask - opinion every 5 years
demand - obedience everyday
tell me - can you trust whose at the wheel
they're more dense than Stelco steel
you know - takes 2 to start a fight
just add - a few more and it seems right
you build - lies like black and white
i dream in colour and it doesn't look right

are you a citizen of this land
do you trust the view from where you stand
does this empire grow from your greed
we've got more than we'll ever need
we hear questions everyone asks
what do your answers mask
you can't stop the march of time
watch out here comes the end of the line
Track Name: Anger Management
i need some, you like it, i can't miss, this is it, oh yeah
this anger management
I love, it, it's a hit, every bit, oh yeah
anger management
you won't sit, for a fit, I'll stop it, oh yeah
with anger management i'll try the plan, if I can, I'm the man, oh yeah yeah yeah

glad I'm not bad, I'll be nice that's not bad
we'll have some peace, cause I will release
finally in touch, I won't need so much anger

somehow I'll manage to be cool
anger is so hard to fool
if I can't, If I won't I'll use the tool
yeah manage your anger whoa oh whoa
why'd you keep those letters from so long ago
i thought you let them go
with your thoughts in your mind
there was no other, no one else for you

so Just leave me here, count to ten, have a beer
we'll have some peace, cause I will release
finally in touch, won't need so much anger

ok, i will stay cool and composed
the hate inside me has been deposed
finally in touch, won't need so much anger
Track Name: The Great Disappointment
my dad said:
son let's not get started again
when you grow up you will understand
the future's more than rock and roll bands,
late nights, beer and cheap girlfriends
can't you see, that your mother and me
are worried about your life?
You can't succeed in school, always playing the fool
can't you do anything right?

you've become no one, you're a great disappointment to me
you're dumb, and you're stunned, you're a great disappointment to me

my teacher said:
boy stop acting like a clown,
shut your mouth and settle down
it's time to start bringing up your grades
there's no time for making up lost ground
start facing facts, pull up your boot straps
you'll never get the job you need
to start a life, support a wife,
and kids you can't afford to feed

you've become no one, you're a great disappointment to me
you're dumb, and you're stunned, you're a great disappointment to me

now I don't mean to complain, about the things I can't change
but it all seems a bit strange, how the past keeps repeating again

my love says:
man I can't take it no more
playing your guitar instead of doing your chores
and the family is always ignored
can't you see your not a kid anymore?
can't you see what your family needs
is more than just a punk
playing guitar in sleazy bars
hanging around with drunks

you've become no one, you're a great disappointment to me
you're dumb, and you're stunned, you're a great disappointment to me
Track Name: Action Today
when tomorrow comes
i'll see the sun
rise up for me
a brand new day

i'll be ten feet tall
nothing at all
gets the best of me
or my insecurities

action today
like the sun, freedom comes, everyday

i'll never lose
temptations are refused
won't get pushed around
i'll stand my ground

today starts rapidly
feel and force my way
blind insanity
tries and retards me


nothing holds a grip
rigging starts to slip
scores my brain
stressed and strained

never give up the chase
i'm not failing safe
the fight inside of me
focuses my energy

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